How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! That’s the only way in which I can face the overwhelm of sustainability in terms of my kitchen and my life as a mom of three young girls. The idea of climate change, C02 emissions, broken food systems and mindless consumption can seem an insurmountable problem. I’ve found that by breaking it down into smaller, more achievable little bites, you find that you can make real progress toward operating a more ethical and sustainable food system.

Orla McAndrew, one of Ireland’s Top Wedding and Event Caterers.

As a chef my commitment to food provenance and my desire to support local farmers has always been an integral part of my operation.

Creating good relationships with local food suppliers and respecting the produce that’s in…

A Modern Chef and Zero-Waste aficionado’s take on how Chefs can help fix our Broken Food System.

Food Safety and Sustainability expert Amy at Conscious Kitchens asked Chef and Zero-Waste aficionado Conor Spacey to share his point of view on how Chef’s can get involved in fixing our broken food system.

Chef Conor Spacey — guest writer for Conscious Kitchens

The responsibilities of chefs have changed over the years. This is something I have seen and encouraged during my 30 years as a chef.

Our food system is broken. We know that 1/3 of all the food on the planet is wasted and 1 billion people are hungry, also obesity is on the rise with millions dying from obese related illnesses every year. …

Conscious Kitchens

Food Safety Consultant & Sustainability Expert with more than 10 years of industry experience internationally.

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